Isabel @isabel_mjj, sketch designer of the ISABEL Romper

Where did you get your inspiration for the ISABEL Romper ?

I love to see my littlest in rompers. Her chubby legs are the best in those, so I started thinking about the details and fabric. I am not a designer but I knew quite fast how I wanted it to be. A soft romantic look.

When did you start drawing ?

It took me a while before I started. I cannot really draw so the sketch looked really aweful. But you immediately knew what I wanted and it turned out so so good!

When you are not drawing for Marsou what are your activities ?

I am a high school teacher. But I love to take pictures and I am crazy about ceramics. So when the kids are in bed you can mostly find me behind my wheel throwing pots.

What kind of decoration did you choose for your child's bedroom ?

The girls share a room and we chose a romantic floral wall paper. The furniture is in dark wood and white. Added a bit of rotan and vintage treasures to complete the room. My boy has a classic check wallpaper and vintage furniture mixed with some new items and a lot of books !!!

What are your 3 favorite spots for kids in your neighborhood ?

At the moment we love to spend time at the Summer bar (bar Jeanne) close to our home and our favorite Place Guzman in the park.

Why is the Marsou's Creative Lab concept interesting for you ?

I love the designs and the beautiful fabrics. A small company run by the kindest people. I love to support smaller brands. And I felt so honoured to be a part of the Romper's design.