Marie @marieinmay' Portrait, sketch designer of the HEROS Romper

Where did you get your inspiration for the Marsou x Marieinmay HEROS Romper ?

I really like rompers since my daughter is a baby, and this is one of the clothes I prefer to put on her (especially those of Marsou !).  So, naturally, I turned to this piece for my collaboration with the brand. The particularity of this one is it's ball sleeves, which is a detail that I love so much in women's clothing.

When did you start drawing ?

Since I was a little girl : my Mom has done art school and draws very well, it's thanks to her that I have this artistic fiber.

When you are not drawing for Marsou what is your activity(ies) ?

I work in marketing ! But when the time comes, I might start my own business in decoration, who knows...

What decorations for your children's room ? (wallpaper / object / curtain etc)

Jeanne's room is an enchanted forest ! You will find the Raphaël wallpaper of the Sandberg & Friends brand, a beautiful naturel bed sky of the Number 74 brand and a tipi from Nobodinoz. To stay within the theme of the forest, we also took the Mézamè life rug printed Oh my Deer, which represents hind. I choose dark wood to stay in the theme, green and off-white, for a soft and natural atmosphere.

What are your 3 favorites spots for kids in your neighborhood ? (awakening / music / restaurant / children's sports etc)

In my neighborhood I don't know, but I loved "La Felicità" and "Ground Control" two places that I find really kids friendly.

Why is the Marsou's creative lab concept interesting for you ?

To have the opportunity to draw for my favorite children's brand !