Marion @ecolokids sketch designer of the very first MARSOU Collection

Where did your find the inspiration for the very first MARSOU Collection ?

Vintage, retro baby stuff my mother took out of the attic, stuff that was passed down from generation to generation.

When did you start drawing ?

I always wanted to be a stylist when I was little, now I draw to get away from it all, it's my me time.

When you are not drawing for Marsou what is (are) your activity (ies) ?

I am a production manager at Ba&sh. At the same time, I am the creator and illustrator of Ecolokids, drawings dedicated to children and adults on the theme of ecology.

What kind of decoration did you choose for your children’s bedroom ?

I don't really have a favorite brand, I like to hunt around and combine furniture and objects from different eras, different materials and colors. Wood painted with wicker, patterned fabric mobiles, wall illustrations, light garlands, a soft and tangy universe.

Which are your favorite kids friendly spots in your neighborhood ?

My eldest daughter practices tennis, dance and judo. My son is too small but already loves tennis and has a very promising forehand ! It’s a sport practiced by all of us! Otherwise, we like to get away from it all in the forest of Fontainebleau or further afield, in the Landes, to breathe fresh sea air ! 

Marsou in a few words ?

Marsou is a beautiful story, encounters, materials and colors, and above all a retro twist ;)