Blanche Poniatowski, sketch designer of the HOTU Onesie

Where did your find the inspiration for the HOTU Onesie ? 

I love unisex clothes, especially for boys. I used all of my oldest daughter’s clothes again to dress her little brother! So I imagined something neutral and comfortable like what we find in all these Australian amazing brands, where apparently normal life is living barefoot and suntanned all year long !

When did you start drawing ?

I am not very good at drawing … but I dreamt of being able one day to create children’s clothing and I had a specific idea in mind, so with a lot of explanation and thanks to Marsou we were able to achieve something !

When you are not drawing for Marsou what is (are) your activity (ies) ?

I’m a freelance writer, specially for Hector, the cool young parents newsletter, and freelance designer-editor for brands (childhood, decoration).

What kind of decoration did you choose for your children’s bedroom ?

I had a fun decorating their room, mixing little creator’s objects, beds and nighttables from online flea market Selency, Vertbaudet floor mats…. I’ve put terrazzo wallpaper from Papermint into Romy’s bedroom, and Numero 74 grey curtains in cotton gaze (here again !) In Vadim’s, the Petit Picotin balloons with his name rise above the changing table, and for the rest it’s a forest mood with Cole & Son’s Woods and Stars wallpaper and a Wild & Soft deer trophy! Oh and they spend their lives in the beautiful Misioo ball pool !

Which are your favorite kids friendly spots in your neighborhood ?

Romy takes swimming lessons at Parister Hotel, rue Saulnier, with CYD, while I work at the restaurant upstairs, it’s perfect. I often take them to Libellule & Coccinelle, rue Turgot, a children’s great bookstore that organizes readings, signings, games all year long. And we have been repeatedly for the brunch to Yacht Club, rue Saint Lazare, which welcomes children every Sunday in a playroom reserved with a babysitter just for them.

Marsou in a few words ?

The perfect opportunity to realize a creative project and a beautiful collaboration.