Lara @laralovesparis, sketch designer of the KUDA Onesie

Where did your find the inspiration for the KUDA Onesie  ?  

I like to dress my son in a pretty precise way : simple yet chic, nothing unnessecary, just the right details that make the entire outfit. When Laetitia suggested to draw an overall for her collection I assembled the details I like to create the garment. The collar for instance was inspired by Spanish kids fashion where all sorts of collars are designed for boys, ones that are usually put on girls clothes in French fashion. That ittle twist makes the overall totally unisex. I really like the fact that it can be dressed up with fancy shoes and an elegant cardigan or dressed down with sneakers and a sleeveless shepherd style jacket.

When did you start drawing ?

Since I was little. I have always liked drawing. There was even a period when I thought about studying Fashion Design but I chose Art Direction and Graphic Design instead, which seamed more versatile.

When you are not drawing for Marsou what is (are) your activity (ies) ?

I am a freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator and mama to a 2 and a half years old little boy. Combining both occupations can be very practical regarding schedules but it can also quickly become a trap if you don’t set yourself a few boundaries… This year I don’t work on week-ends anymore for example and it is so uplifting to be really present for my son on those days !

What kind of decoration did you choose for your children’s bedroom ?

My son’s bedroom has a quite sober and functional decoration : the walls are white, decor is in neutral tones and a few touches of blue, and a lot of baskets hold all of his treasures. The brands I chose the decoration from are Numero 74 for the canopy over his reading nook and the beautiful pennants garland, Maileg and Main Sauvage for favorite soft toys and the mice family that lives in his little house, L’Affiche Moderne for wall art, Camomille London, Kongesslojd and La Petite Collection for bed linen.

Which are your favorite kids friendly spots in your neighborhood ?

We are lucky enough to live surrounded by parks and next to the Bois de Boulogne so we have a lot of options for our week-end walks ! The greenhouses of Auteuil are a favourite for our family, especially during the winter, we love to go and heat up a little in the main greenhouse. Hundreds of tropical plants make for neverending inspiration for me and my son loves to watch the fish and the birds. We often go to Brasserie Auteuil for a family lunch : italian food, gorgeous setting and enough space for the wanderings of a toddler ! 

Marsou in a few words ?

French, chic, retro cute !