Heloise Dugain, sketch designer of the PERLE Romper

Where did you find the inspiration for the PERLE Romper ?

In the memories of my childhood, my own little girl clothes, my holidays in Tuscany or in Dordogne where I drew this romper. I grew up as the only girl among boys and I still remember the flared dresses sewn by my grand mother. Then, when my daughter Rosalie was born, I started designing clothes I couldn’t find in shops, vintage, modern and comfortable at the same time.

When did you start drawing ?

I started when I was 3 and my drawings were almost always clothes.

When you are not drawing for Marsou what is (are) your activity (ies) ?

I have my own label of costume jewelry called Les Precieuses Ridicules. And because I cannot stop drawing, between 2 pairs of earrings, I draw ! Illustrations or clothes for private clients.

What kind of decoration did you choose for your children’s bedroom ?

I must confess that I have a passion for the seconhand trade which invades all our flat, as well as Rosalie’s bedroom. However to keep cosiness, bedlinen comes from La cerise sur le gâteau, small decoration items are from Perlin paon paon and the paper balls in her bedroom are from Sous le lampion. All these items so our home does not look like a caravan!

Which are your favorite kids friendly spots in your neighborhood ?

We have been living in Bordeaux for two years only, we are very lucky as we have a family house near Bordeaux in which we spend most of our week ends. When we are in Bordeaux during week-end, we enjoy the brunch in Darwin. In September, we will start the mini baby gym !

Marsou in one word ?