Find out how to create for Marsou !
The concept behind MARSOU’s E-Lab: to accompany apprentice designers in the creation of kids fashion creations.

MARSOU is a creator's incubator, it offers it’s experience and structure, supports the production, guarantees the quality of the products and deals with the distribution.

Alchemy between vintage and contemporary trends, the guideline of MARSOU is to bring back to the taste of the day classic models with printed fabric, hues or materials of today.

Each season the collections & the creations from the designers' sketches combine creativity and practicality.

How does it work ?

Apprentice Creators : Suggest ideas, submit designs ! if you have a project, an intuition that you would like to share, we would love to hear from you ! Please send us an email at with your sketches. You may be the next one selected !

The Lab : When the project has been realized – in line with our Marsou guidelines – the creations realized thanks to your drawings will be sold on our online concept store and in some of our beloved wholesale distributors.

Customers : All those who are looking for ultra creative articles, favoring quality and ethics (made in France in the respect of the couturiers & the children) and looking for limited production.

What are the benefits of Marsou ?

For the Apprentice Creators : Moving from dreams to reality, from the project that is fostered alone to its common realization and to it's worldwide commercialisation.

For Marsou : Working together in a flexible way and revealing new talents for projects that we are passionate about. Exchanging, exceed expectations, stimulate creativity, being part of a creative club where the action of each one participates in the success of the other.